[Inter]sections 20 (2017)

Table of Contents


Carrie Forsberg. “We Must Get Rid of Slavery, or We Must Get Rid of Freedom.” Self, Other, and Emancipation in Antebellum America

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Loredana Bercuci. Trauma in Autobiographical Videogames: The Case of Father and I (2012)

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Gerald Naughton. The Moynihan Report, the Watts Riots, and the Tropes of Reconstruction

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Elin Isvind. Cultural Diversity in Who Fears Death: Teaching Representation through Fantasy Literature in the Intercultural Classroom

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Roxana Mocanu. Facets of Multidirectional Memory in Miriam Katin’s Letting It Go

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This special issue on Memory and Diversity was guest edited by Dragoș Manea.